Genetic Genealogy in Sweden

DNA-tjejGenetic Genealogy is growing rapidly among hobby genealogists in Sweden. The use of DNA-analysis for genealogical research opens up new fascinating possibilities for tracing family and for studying how people have migrated to our part of the world thousands of years ago.

The Swedish Society for Genetic Genealogy works for promoting the use of Genetic Genealogy for:

  • Finding formerly unknown relatives
  • Verifying that paper trails are correct
  • Identifying or getting clues to finding unknown fathers
  • Identifying relationships in the time prior to written sources
  • Studying how family lines have migrated from Africa over the last 100.000 years


DNA and/or traditional genealogy?

Is it possible to base genealogical research solely on DNA-data without doing any traditional research in written records?
DNA och skriftlig källa
-No! A DNA-test can never precisely pinpoint the way two people are related. You have to have a thorough paper trail to base your conclusions on. But DNA is a very powerful tool when combined with research in traditional sources and DNA can find family relationships from times long before written documents.

What is SSGG?

SSGG is a networking society for genetic genealogists in Sweden. We work with the genealogical societies in Sweden to promote and advance the use of Genetic Genealogy in Sweden and Scandinavia. Read more…